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rebuild or new
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Hey, Vern!

(Sorry, couldn't resist.)

Anyway, those are terrific speakers. They have many of the positive aspects of an ultra-high-end speakers like the MBL's, only at much less cost.

I always found them to be very pleasing.

The downside has been that they don't create very precise "imaging" and that they, as I recall, are very power hungry.

I would say the thing to do is:

First, go and listen to some newer speakers and see how the sound strikes you.

There's even a similar speaker marketed by Mirage that has a similar sound distribution to the Walsh speakers. That may be as pleasing to you or more so than your Walsh system, and might be easier for an amplifier to work with.

Hopefully, there are some dealers in your area that will have good demo rooms so you can properly ponder which path you'd like to take.

Kind of a nebulous answer, I know, but it's really time to go through some listening sessions with alternative prodcuts to get an idea of how you feel.


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