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Raves For Simaudio Moon Evolution Series

For the past 12 months or so, my reference system has consisted of the Simaudio Moon Eclipse LE (Limited Edition) CD player; P-5 LE preamplifier; W-5 LE power amp; Induction Dynamics ID1 loudspeakers; Shunyata power conditioners and power cords; and Signal Cable Silver Resolution cables.

Simply put, I was highly satisfied with the Simaudio Moon LE components, and I had no thoughts of any significant upgrades until last winter when Simaudio announced the introduction of their latest, reference/statement "Evolution Series" components (

While I'll spare you all of the factors that went into my decison to begin upgrading my system with Moon's Evolution Series components, suffice it to say that on 10/20/05, my Eclipse LE CD player was the first component in my system to be replaced with a product from Simaudio's Evolution Series, that being their Andromeda CD player.

From the moment I began listening to just the addition of the Andromeda to my system, I heard an absolutely astonishing and transformative improvement in soundstaging, stereo imaging, inner detail, timing, transparancy, resolution, neutrality, etc., along with a striking ability to play Redbook CDs in a manner that often equals or betters vinyl/analog front-ends. If you're a vinyl junkie who remains romantically attached to LPs, listen to this new, reference-grade CD player at your own peril.

After being smitten by the astonishing performance of the Andromeda, I intuitively knew that I wanted to proceed with next upgrading my Moon LE system with the Evolution Series P-8 preamplifier. Subsequently, on 10/28/05 I replaced my Moon P-5 LE preamp with the new Evolution Series P-8 preamp, and the "evolution" of my audio system took yet another astonishing leap forward into the realm of audio bliss.

Finally, I'll also mention that on 11/12/05, I completed this Simaudio Moon Evolution Series troika by adding the W-8 power amplifier into my system. In some ways, the W-8 has been the most exciting addition to my system, because it drives the music with such clarity and headroom, as well as displaying a high degree of control, quickness, and tonal accuracy with the bass, as well as with higher frequencies.

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