RA Labs Black Gold Mini Reference loudspeaker System Context

Sidebar 2: BJR System Context

I used the Mini-References on Celestion Si stands about 12" to 15" from the rear wall. I conducted most of my reviewing on my "affordable" reference system. Front-ends were a Thorens TD-160/SME 3009 Mk.II/Grado Signature 8MZ (analog) and a California Audio Labs Icon Mk.II HDCD with Power Boss (digital). Amplification consisted of a Creek 4240 SE integrated amplifier. Wires were MIT 330SG interconnects and Acarian Black Orpheus speaker cables.

I also assembled a second, less expensive "entry-level" system to audition the Mini-References. It consisted of a Micromega Minium CD player, NAD 3225 integrated amplifier, MITerminator 2 interconnects and speaker cables, and a pair of Mirage fiberboard stands.—Robert J. Reina