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question regarding feasibility of mixing powers speakers with receiver

Hello all,

I'm new to the audio scene but hope to learn some a long the way. I'm trying to budget and plan building my first proper audio system.

I'm planning on purchasing a 5.1 receiver from either Denon or Onkyo between the 300-400 dollar price point this black friday. To pair with them, I'm either planning on Polk XT60s or Jamo S809s tower speakers. I've read better things with the former so I'm slightly inclined there but I'm open to any additional opinions.

My question however is what, if any utility my ol logitech z625 2.1 system may have. They have served me relatively well over the years and would like to try to utilize them in some fashion (I found the subwoofer to be quite punchy so I figure I try to incorporate it). I know I can't power the subwoofer from the receiver safely, but if I were to split to the audio jack from the 2.1 system into right and left for a receivers' pre-out lines...would that keep the entire 2.1 system safe from any potential damage? I appreciate any information that be provided for my noob self.

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Hello, and Welcome!

Everyone starts somewhere! I’m happy for you as you recognize better sound can’t really come out of a small portable Bluetooth box!

Stick with a good name receiver for your first step. If you are really trying to start small (I.e. 300-500) Yamaha, Denon and Onkyo are good. Cambridge is substantially a better value but the price jumps a bit. As for reusing your Logitech set up, I’d recommend not trying to incorporate that. Everyone has to take the training wheels off someday! Enjoy!

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