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Question for reach full range in a PA System

Hello family of stereophile forum,

I come to buy powered audio equipment to cover with good quality and full range sound my home backyard, only for enjoyment with friends or just my enjoyment alone. I need to get full range sound with good timbre. Unfortunately I have already bought the equipment without asking an expert, but I have made some research, so it isnt a junk.

My equipment is:

(remember, I need fullrange sound)

- 1x (JBL PRX 818 XLF) Powered 18 inch subwoofer, 1500 watts peak, 134 SPL, 30hz-103hz -10db, crossover of 80 hertz with stereo hiPass output.

- 2x (Yamaha Stagepas 600 Speakers) Powered 10 inch speakers, half of the power of the subwoofer, 129 SPL each, 55hz-20.000hz -10db.

Are 10 inch speakers a good match for this subwoofer about producing good amount of punch?

Unfortunately, my subwoofer has a fixed crossover, so I cant test the system with another crossover from 80 hertz, which would be a cool feature. There were other brands subwoofers that allowed me to do this, but they were way too heavy. For example, JBL PRX 818XLF is about 36 KG and Yamaha DXS18 inch is about 49 KG. I think I prefer JBL PRX 818 xlf, even that Yamaha DXS 18 is 2 db louder (136 SPL).

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