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Question for the experts

I want to find some music that I have listened to and unfortunately the information I have is sketchy. One thing I do know is that the album was released before 1983, on vinyl. I don't know if it was released on CD. The primary music is xylophone and chorus. It sounds like a chorus of all or mostly women. There are a couple of rock-ish pieces on the disk similar but not exactly like what you'd expect from Mannheim Steamroller. One piece in particular I remember they were singing either in a foreign language or nonsense. Very upbeat cheerful sounding stuff. Another song was only bass, vibraphone, jazz guitar, and chorus "oohs" and "ahhs". I can still remember the melody. Sounded very new age. I was intruduced to this material by a friend whom I've lost contact with since long ago.

If anyone out there might have clues as to what this might be or pointers on how to find out, I'd appreciate it. It's possible I'll recognize the artist name; I think the whole project went under the name of one person rather than a "combo" name.

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Re: Question for the experts


Above is the link to the All Music Guide listing of top vibraphone players. Of the players on that list I would try Roy Ayers, Dave Samuels, Jay Hoggard and Terry Gibbs first. After that it's just trial and error, unless someone else comes up with a better lead.

If you click on the person's name in you'll get to to their overview page and from there you can get to the discography page and then you have to check the various recordings from before 1983 for the one with vibes and chorus until you find the one you're looking for. Hope this helps.

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Re: Question for the experts

With the nonsense lyrics and the vibes/marimba element, it sounds as though it could have been Gong -- later incarnations were called Pierre Moerlen's Gong. It also could have been the prog rock band Henry Cow, which used a lot of marimba.

Of course, neither of these groups is even remotely like Mannheim Steamroller, so I could be way off base.

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