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Question on a Citation 17

I have a Harmon Kardon Citation 17 Pre-Amp, paired with a Citation 16 Power Amp. I would like to connect it to two sets of speakers, through the pre-amp, allowing me to switch between the two sets or use both. The problem I have is I do not own the cable that connects the power amp speaker outputs, to the 5 pin plug connector in the pre-amp. Does anyone know where to get the type of cables from?
The reason i would like to do this, is that the power amp has only one set of speaker outputs, and I have a set for Dolquest DQ10's that these are being attracted to as well as much smaller Bose 201 Bookshelf speakers, and there is really no other way to attach both at the same time.
As well, I was thinking of spicing up my own wire, but i was not sure what the 5 pins would be, when you are only connecting the (+) and (-) of the speaker outputs. If anyone has any ideas there that would be appreciated too.

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Re: Question on a Citation 17

WOW! I used to have both a Citation 16s (without the v pattern leds on the front) and a pair of DQ10's. A dynamite combo! Then one fateful day something happened. I think it was from an electrical storm outside although I can't be sure because nothing else was affected but I heard a loud pop in the middle of a track and then smoke came out of one of the DQ10's and the Citation 16s... BOO. Anyway, I usually bring problems like the one you're speaking of to an old school tech near my place. He specializes in analog electronics and has been servicing high end gear for years. If you find someone like this they're priceless. You probably could figure out the cable on your own if you had to but sometimes it's worth paying someone with lots of hands on experience. Good luck.

ps not sure if you're aware but Dahlquist built a successor to the DQ10... the DQ TEN!

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