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Question (and comment) for John Marks:

First, wanted to thank you for your recommendation of that Brandenberg Concertos album-- one of the best Bach discs I've heard in ages. (Wasn't sure of what to expect when you said "almost bebop horn parts"-- I'd peg 'em closer to Don Cherry than to Dizzy, myself, but they are great, in any case)

Second, wondering when (and if) the "missing" John Marks Records catalog items are going to appear on ArkivCD. I'm thinking especially of the Bach Cello Suites, but a quick look at your website suggests one or two others might not have made the trek over...


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Glad you like the B-burgs!


Glad you liked the B-burgs. A great performance and a great recording job.

As far as JMR on, there are a few JMR titles that were sold off or licensed out, or are otherwise not at present cleared for treatment. Furthermore, I skipped some numbers, and also there were planned projects that were not recorded. So, e.g., there was never a JMR 13.

Hope that helps.


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