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Quality for computer CD writer

I think to copy a CD to a empty CD (using compuater CD writer). Will the quality be affected?

Jim Tavegia
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Re: Quality for computer CD writer

For most general applications I have achieved good results with even Roxio or Window Media Player. I have really liked Nero (6 is the newest I think) in my desktop which you can buy at Best Buy and the like stores. I have also used Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio with good results as well in my laptop. Make sure you have a good CD writer. I believe JA has used Plextor with good results. My Yamaha 32x has done well. Be careful in choosing CDR media to write on. I have had good luck to this point with both Sony and Maxell. I am tending to stay away with the bluish green cdr discs. I am attaching a link that some other forum writers have used with good results. Good Luck.
Go to cdr media on left menu.

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