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Quality 2.1 speakers??

I want to invest in a set of speakers, around 200 dollars. Ive been looking around and i am thinking about Acoustic Energy's aego m. Does anyone out there have these or know if Acoustic Energy makes quality products?
all opinions appreciated

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Re: Quality 2.1 speakers??

No worries - I have heard a few sets in dorm rooms and they are actually very good indeed. They seem to be amongst the most used and the folks using them know what they are doing...more than I did at that age...retail here for around

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Re: Quality 2.1 speakers??

AE are top UK company with fine mini monitors

They design UK build Malaysia

QC is excellent

They sell b stock on their site.

I have used a 2.1 system on my I-Mac for 3 yrs and edit with it

My friend used his for music at his street party

It was surprisingly loud outside..

They are v good value for money.

For real quality use the AVI ADM9's as discussed elsewhere in this computer section.

Roger imho

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Re: Quality 2.1 speakers??

I have auditioned every "reputable", "media-recommended", "out-there-forums-users' recommendations" 2.1 speakers - you name it , I auditioned it - AEGO M is the definitive 2.1 PC speakers answer for under USD200. Considering at this post period , I wasn't able to audition end-of-life models like the "famed" Klipsch Promedia 2.1 original (not the crappy arty-farty-looking Ultra).

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