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Quad II stereo questions

Good morning,

This is my first post as a new member to his forum. My hobby is collecting and restoring old tube radios and I recently had the good fortune to acquire a Quad II stereo system consisting of 2 amps, the tuner as well as the controller.

This is my first venture into the tube amp/stereo world. I don't have any of the manuals so because of it's age and it's fine quality, I want to get as much information as I can before I do anything. It's pretty much complete and in very good condition except the bottom cover on one of the amps is missing. I have read Art Dudley's excellent artice (#52) on his experience with this amp but he obviously has far more experience with this equipment than I do.

I would greatly appreciate any information on locating manuals, corectly connecting the equipment, powering them up safely, placing a proper load on the outputs. I don't have proper speakers I'm ashamed to say. (Not the sort of thing to mention on a stereo forum :-(( I have a variac to bring the power up slowly when the proper time comes but I understand I will need to check to make sure it is configured for 120 volt power. (I live in Canada) I would also like any information for locating parts and cables that may be missing.

If you reply to my post, please C.C. a copy to this address so I don't miss the post.

Best regards,

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Re: Quad II stereo questions

Hi Lorne.
Did you try to google "Quad II"?

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