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PureMusic Issue

I have noticed a very frustrating issue with PureMusic software.  I'm using an iPad to control the playing of music from my Mac Mini.  PureMusic frequently begins to only play one song at a time and then stop.  It wil be fine for a while and then begins stoping playback at the end of every song. 

Once it starts it will do it until I reset  handshaking in PureMusic.  It happens every time I sit down and listen, sometimes right away and other times after several albums.  I have the latest software and am very Mac savvy, so it isn't something easy.  

It is frustrating enough that I simply won't used it until it's fixed.  The good news is that the sound out of Snow Leopard is so good, that I really don't need it for CD quality music.  The reason I would like it is to play high res  without changing the MIDI manually.

ITunes by itself work perfectly.

anyone else running into this?

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