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PSB VisionSound - Design System

I am planning to buy PSB for my home theater. I am in a state of confusion as to the configuration of my Speaker system. Here is what I am planning to get

Room Size 16'x 12'(Open)
-- This system will live in my Family room that has an open (No Wall) Kitchen attached. The whole area would be about 16x20 or so but it

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Re: PSB VisionSound - Design System

If the DirectTV HD Receiver will be your only video source, why don't you connect it directly to the display? Or even if it isn't the only video source you still could if the display has multi video inputs.

So far as speakers go, I think you might want to buy a complete surround speaker set. Totem is one company that makes nice sounding reasonably prices speaker sets.

Six Stirling LS3/5A V2 speakers plus a sub would be really nice, but it would cost more.

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