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Protection Mode in Bel Canto amplifier

One channel of my Bel Canto eVo6 amplifier keeps going into protection mode and is driving me crazy. Any suggestions that anyone may have will be greatly appreciated.

The eVo6 is a 6-channel amp which can be also be bridged as a 3-channel by simply pushing a button. Its specifications state that the output power using the 3-channel bridged configuration is 360W @ 8 Ohms, and 600W @ 4 Ohms, to each of the 3 channels. I use it in bridged configuration to drive 3 front speakers; however, about 95% of the time I only use it in 2-channel stereo. I use a Shunyata Copperhead power cord for the amp.

I have used it this way for two years; my pre-amp is a Bel Canto Pre6 connected thru XLR balanced cables; and the configuration has not changed. Then a few months ago, the channel that drives my right speaker started to go into protection mode. It came back after turning the amp off/on. Until it stopped for good. Bel Canto replaced the channel dead circuit board. A week after I received it back, it has started to do the same.

My speakers are Legacy Audio Harmony and their specifications are:
System Type: 4 drivers, 3 way
Tweeter: Silk Dual Diaphragm W/ Quadra-Pole Neodymium Motor
Midwoofer: 2 x5.25 inches; Cast Frame Kevlite-TI
Woofer: 12inch; Carbon Reinforced Pulp
Low Frequency Alignment: 5th Order Assisted W/ Passive Radiator.
Frequency Response: 38Hz - 25 kHz
Impedance: 4 Ohms
Sensitivity: 91 dB
Recommended Amplification: 15-150 Watts
Crossover Frequency: 250, 3K
Select High Current Am; or Receiver switch position. Harmony features a unique bass turbo circuit that is applicable with higher current amplifiers. To verify the current capability of your amplifier, make sure the amplifier's 4 ohm rating is 1.5 to 2.0 times the power output at 8 ohms:
Example: Amplifier Rating
8 ohms 4 ohms Switch Setting
150w 225w High current
150w 175w Low current

Originally, I had them set in High Current. I have changed them to Low Current, but the amplifier keeps going into protection mode after 1-2 hours of use. I also checked the speaker wires (Belden 5T00UP 10 gauge) and they seem perfect.

Bel Canto tells me that the amplifier is in working condition and that I need to find the problem and that there is not a problem with the amplifier. To say the least, I am at a complete loss. What is puzzling is that for two years it worked flawlessly and nothing has changed in my system

What am I missing here? What should I be looking for?
Your suggestions and ideas are greatly appreciated.

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