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Proac D28 not so good review

I have Proac D25, since it has the same drivers, and cabinet, I don't think it can be very far from D28.
D28 It's just an minor uppgrade, with a little better bass response. I been looking for review of proac speakers in stereophile. It's been a long time. I must say I was a litte disapointed by the review. For me this is one of the most balansed speakers around. All other reviews I seen on this speakers say the same. I had lot of other speakers: focal (electra be), b&w (nautilus), psb (stratus)ect. and if you get proac to sound bright then I don't know about the others. For me it's just the speaker to beat when it comes to balancing a speaker correct. I don't know if the speaker for your review was faulty, but I also tried musical fidelity on them, and it's no way you could get them bright. It's also in the review that you should not play them to loud, and not put them in a big room. First of all they need a medium to big room. Don't ever put D28 in a small room. That would never work. How loud are you talking about. over 100 decibel ? They play louder that most people will ever need.

I know D28 is not the best speakers in the world (as anyone think of their speakers) but I just don't think you got them 100% right.

You should give them to Sam he would love them

Anyway, good mag...

I will continiue to subscribe for the rest of my life

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Re: Proac D28 not so good review

I don't usually think Pro-Acs as being bright either, but he didn't harp on it- more like mention it as something to consider. Maybe he's used to a different sound, or maybe the placement was off. Overall it was very positive review though, and reinforcing it by sighting his other postive review from back in the day. Pro-Ac is a brand that has consistently stood the test of time and trends. MF's review doesn't take anything away from that IMO.

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