ProAc and Sonus Veritas

I still recall, many years ago, being blown away by the sound of one of ProAc’s extremely musical monitors. The company re-emerged at RMAF 2012 to display the ProAc Response D40/R ($12,000–$14,000/pair, dependent upon finish). Hooked up to Sonus Veritas’ Modena DAC ($15,999), Genoa preamplifier ($15,999), and Florence KT120 monoblock power amplifiers (not yet released, price TBD), and sources unidentified, the system was producing excellent solid, full-range sound on a track from the Michael Wolff Trio’s 2 AM.

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Sound who?????

Is calling a speaker "musical" code for the lack of a sizzling tweeter and so called "resonanance free" cabinets, the common theme today?

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"I still recall, many years ago, being blown"

Ahhhhh don't we all though? ;)

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The turntable source is a Nottingham Analogue Dais with NA arm, the CDP is a Naim CD5XS.

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The Sonus Veritas equipment is very musical.  It's like you are listening to live music.