Princeton's 3D BACCH-SP Adio System

For years, David Chesky has kept me abreast of developments and updates to Princeton Professor Edgar Y. Choueiri's BACCH-SP Adio System. Happily, the word is out. When I entered the room, none other than Stereophile's Alex Halberstadt was sitting in the prime seat, receiving all the benefits of the fully-loaded BACCH-SP system ($37,780).

As Choueiri subsequently explained via email, "The BACCH-SP (where the 'SP' stands for stereo purifier) is a digital audio processor that yields 3D imaging from stereo recordings by allowing the listener to perceive the spatial cues that exist in virtually all stereo recordings. It requires a simple calibration involving a pair of in-ear microphones and an optical head tracker. The BACCH-SP Adio (Mk III) we unveiled in Munich is the latest model. It is a single unit that combines the BACCH 3D audio processor, a streamer, a DAC, an ADC (for analog input) and a preamp (for direct output to an amp) in a single chassis."

BACCH, whose trademark is registered to Princeton University, is an acronym for "the mathematical method used to derive the crosstalk cancellation filters (which allow the 3D imaging from the calibration) which goes by the name 'Band-Assembled Crosstalk Cancellation Hierarchy'. 'SP' stands for Stereo Purifier. 'Adio' is the model name; it stands for "Analog and Digital Inputs and Outputs," and has a built-in DAC and ADC. There is also a less expensive Dio system that contains a pure digital processor but lacks a DAC and ADC." Not included in the system price were the demo's JansZen Valentina A8 active speakers (above) and the Esprit Audio cabling.

As I settled into the seat directly behind Alex—Choueiri said I'd receive approximately 60% of the system's benefits—I experienced some of the most natural three-dimension sound I've ever experienced. The only time I heard anything like it during my time in Munich was on the last night of the show, when I enjoyed Bayerische Staatsoper's production of Verdi's Aida from a prime seat in row 13 of the orchestra.

This system has come a long way since I first experienced it at an audio show, most likely Rocky Mountain Audio Fest what feels like a decade ago. Here's hoping more audiophiles will get the opportunity to enjoy the BACCH-SP Adio System's unique benefits at future shows and demos, as well as in their own homes.

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