Prima Luna Prologue One integrated amplifier Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

Analog sources: Linn LP12 turntable with Naim Armageddon power supply, Naim Aro tonearm; Rega Planar 9 turntable; Supex 900 Super, Linn Akiva, Lyra Helikon Mono cartridges; Audio Note AN-S2 step-up transformer.
Digital source: Sony SCD-777ES and dCS La Scala-Delius SACD/CD players.
Preamplifiers: Fi, DNM 3C Primus.
Power amplifiers: EAR 890, Lamm ML2.1s, First Watt F1.
Loudspeakers: Quad ESL-989, Lowther PM2A in modified Medallion horns.
Cables: Digital: various dCS. Interconnect: Audio Note AN-Vx, Nordost Valhalla, homemades. Speaker: Audio Note AN-SPx, Nordost Valhalla, homemades.
Accessories: Mana stands under turntables, digital components; Base base under EAR, First Watt amplifiers; Wally tools for phono setup.—Art Dudley

Prima Luna
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