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Pre+power amplifiers

I ask you to give more attention to the preamplifier.

To get a true hi-end best buy enter system you need some strong decisions.

As I told about turntable player where you have to invest more in plate and then into the arm and not much in cartridge where is enough a MM costing 70 euro, in the same approach for amplifier you should optimize in this way.

I shock my customers using a 150 power amplifier with a 650 euro pre amplifier,getting fine results better than integrated amplifiers costing 1500 euro or more.

And at lower cost level it's better don't use any preamplifier:it's enough the 150 euro power amplifier that fontunately has 2 volumes.

The semplicity pay you more than economical integrated amplifiers where normaly it used low quality preamplifier.

Fortunately today there are many preamplifiers costing about 600 euro to get fantastic results.

So you have more money available for the loudspeakers.

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