Precision Transducer Technology

Orange County, CA-based Precision Transducer Technology had loaned me a pair of active monitors for my lead-off seminar on hearing and how recordings are made. As I had only previously been aware of the phono preamplifier, my first visit on Day Two of the show was to the PTE room. PTE’s Phoenix SG powered speakers ($9500/pair) offer a more domestically acceptable veneer finish than the speaker I used for my dem. They combine a modified ScanSpeak tweeter with twin Peerless woofers, ad include class-AB amplification based on an LM386 chip with analog equalization.

The speaker’s port is tuned to 28Hz, and with a front-end consisting of a 1988 Philips CD player feeding data via S/PDIF to an Antelope DAC and a T+A 1230R preamp, the sound in this room did offer superb bass extension without the lack of definition I usually associate with a 6th-order LF alignment.