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Precise Acoustinc Laboratories? Keith Johnson & Onkyo Speakers

I have both bookshelf and floorstanding speakers from Precise Acoustic Laboratories of New Jersey. These go back probably to around the beginning of the 1990's. I'm looking to sell them but just know so little about them to answer potential questions. Apparently what I've pieced together so far is that Onkyo hired a legend named Keith Johnson to market some speakers under the "Precise" name (apparently some kind of short-lived venture). I happened to have bought speakers that were produced by this collaboration. Can't find anything on net. These must be very rare now, lol. Has anyone out there got any info as these speakers. I have the models 300BL (bookshelf) and 400BL (floor standing). I did get a brochure with the speakers but its not the most informative. It points out that the speakers "will perform perfectly with quality amplifiers or receivers whose outputs are typically between 30 and 300 RMS Watts Per Channel."

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Re: Precise Acoustinc Laboratories? Keith Johnson & Onkyo Sp

No doubt you will find many knowledgeable people on these boards, (I

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Re: Precise Acoustinc Laboratories? Keith Johnson & Onkyo Sp

i have the 3-way top of the line precise speakers. you are correct that onkyo hired keith johnson to do the work on their attempt at high end. harry pearson reviewed them favorably in the mid 1980'sfor absolute sound. the problem was poor marketing /merchandising/dealer network as they usually ended up with substandard electronics. from what i was told by an onkyo rep at the time the start up costs were unjustifiable. i never heard the smallerversions but the ones i have are very similar to kef 105's/b & w 801's from the early 80's without their antiseptic sound presentation. i've kept mine as back up speakers as i figured they would be hard sells since very few people remember them and they never developed a cult following.
hope this answers your questions.

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