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Preamp match for active speakers

Hi all,
New to the forum here. I'm after some advice about potentially changing the preamp in my system. Im currently using a Musical Fidelity A5cr pre, which is driving some active speakers - Bang & Olufsen Beolab 9.

The sound is generally good, however there is a hardness to the treble, sometimes borderline shrill depending on the recording. Due to it being incredibly difficult to find cable upgrades for the speakers (They're run RCA - 7 pin DIN, but with specific pins wired / not wired at the speaker end to enable non b&o sources to be connected) i'm currently waiting for delivery of some cables from Custom Hifi Im hoping this might go some way to taming the treble, but thought i'd also consider a warmer sounding pre, possible a valve pre.

Appreciate it's not particularly common to pair b&o products in this way, however they are designed to operate this way with the correct cables.

Any advice much appreciated


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Hi, I am also interested in a

Hi, I am also interested in a pair of Beolab 9s - did you ever find a suitable and compatible preamp? I listen mainly to vinyl btw. Cheers from snowy Stockholm!

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