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Pre Amp Issues

Looking for help. I can't keep vintage pre amps alive. I have a commercial Klipsch speaker set up in my shop. 2 La Scala Industrials, 3 KP 480's. I am powering them with 3, 2 channel Crown amps. My source is a CD player. I love bass and have tried multiple pre amps looking for the sound I'm after. I picked up an 84' vintage Kenwood C2 Basic pre amp and loved how it sounded. 2 days later it lost the right channel. I purchased a cheap Rockville commercial pre amp for $86 new lol. It actually sounds decent with the music blasting but is extremely noisy with no music playing (Hum, hiss and buzz, bigtime, it did not die, just hated the noise) I just replaced that with a Carver C2 pre amp and it sounded OK, not the bass I wanted, but it also lost the right channel in 2 days. It works on both cannels in the mono mode. I am feeding the 6 channels of Crown amps by splitting the 2 outputs from the pre amp with split cables. I do run this system very hard for a few hours a day if that matters. HELP!

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