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pre amp ideas

I am in the process of putting together my first real hi-fi and was hoping for ideas, mainly for the pre-amp section but any ideas would be appreciated.
To start I am somewhat of a stereo scavenger and so far i have less than $1000 into what i have gathered together.

This is what I have:
-pair of Quad II's
-Quad 22 and 33 preamps
-Quad 405 power amp
-B&W DM-220 speakers
-Systemdek IIX with Linn basik plus and nagaoka mp11 cart.

i am working on restoring the quads and am thinking of a tri-amp setup using the quad II tubes for mid-hi and the big power 405 for the lows. As well my main source will be the systemdekWhat I need to figure out is if I should use the 22 pre or look for something else, as I have heard that the Quad pre-amps are not the best.

Saskatoon, Canada

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