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Pre-amp only powers right speaker/headphone

I recently purchased a used U-Turn Orbit turn table. Sometimes it works great however, lately only the right speaker works when the built-in preamp is on. When it's off both speakers work (only the sound has noting to drive it given that the pre-amp is off).

I've tested this with my self powered bookshelf speakers and with my headphones, which feeds through a tube amp. If I switch the RCA inputs the left speaker works and the right is dead. I've tried new RCA cables and tested the tub amp and speakers with different devices (computer and iPod). If I had another analog device, I'd test against that.

At this point, I'm almost positive the issue is related to the built-in pre-amp however I suppose it could have something to do with the cartridge. Any advice on how to fix this is appreciated. I'd rather not purchase a separate pre-amp, but am willing to do is if there's no way to fix the built in one.

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