M•A Recordings Shine with PranaFidelity

I welcomed the opportunity to hear M•A Recordings' very first LP, La Segunda, through Steve Norber's ear-opening PranaFidelity Model Fifty90 loudspeaker ($3950/pair). Through the symmetrical array 2-way vented design, I heard good bass, captivating depth, and plentiful air. In short, Todd Garfinkle's LP, sourced from high-resolution digital masters, sounded great.

Steve was busy with a prospective customer, and didn’t have the opportunity to demonstrate how he can optimize the speaker’s midrange and upper-frequency tonal balance by means of two switches on its rear panel. He did send an equipment list that identifies the chain as Klimo Tine 40W monoblocks ($8500/pair), Klimo Merlino Gold Plus preamplifier with Thor outboard power supply ($11,595), Soundsmith MCP2 phono preamp ($799.95), VPI Classic 2 turntable ($3499) with Soundsmith The Sussurro cartridge ($4899.95), and Black Cat cabling by Chris Sommovigo.

Pro-Audio-Tech's picture

Those speakers are worth every cent and on some Pink Floyd they really rocked!

Great speakers!