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Powerwerks PW40BATBT Troubleshoot

Hi Folks,
I recently bought a used Powerwerks PW40BATBT power amplifier. It looks to be in "new" condition. I paired my smartphone and only after turning the volume way up on the amp, am I able to slightly hear sound and it is distorted. Am I dealing with a fully blown system? Is it able to be repaired, or would that even be advisable?

After reading through the online owner's manual, nothing seems to be out of place or not acting as expected. I was curious if this item had been tinkered with, possibly suggesting that something is/was wrong with it. I opened up the battery replacement compartment and quickly observed that I was probably the first person to expose this area and thus nobody had opened this puppy up. I could be wrong though.

I'm new here so sorry if this is posted to the wrong forum.


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