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powering up and down

A quick questions is there a correct order to both?

I usually turn on the preamp first then the amp and then the reverse when powering down.

One thing that is a concern though, when I don't turn the power off right after listening to whatever there is sometimes a pop that can be heard through the speakers.

Thanks, Chris

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Re: powering up and down

Power up your amp last. This should minimize any spike to your speakers. Also, if you have a ceiling fan in your room, you might get a pretty good spike if you shut it off while your gear is powered up...if it is on the same circuit.

Better yet, with solid state, leave it on. It doesn't draw much current at idle and it will keep the system cooked. I've had my gear turned on for "years" with very little time turned off. Of course, always turn off your gear when you are messing around with interconnects and can get a really nice "pop" if you don't. Yes, I have forgot a time or two.

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