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Power regeneration for Martin Logans

Hello, friends. I'm just joining the game, and have been relishing the pleasure of much research, and the piecing together of my first real system. With thanks to Ebay and AudioGon and the several good people I've met thereupon, I've acquired a B&K 200.7 amp and Reference 50 Series 1 pre-amp, a pair of Martin Logan Ascents for front L/R, a pair of ML SL3's for surround, an ML Theater Center, a Mcintosh MVP851 DVD/CD, Nordost Blue Heaven interconnect from pre to amp, speaker cables are: Audioquest Type 6+ bi-wires for the Ascents, Audioquest Caldera for the Theater, and Audioquest Type 4 for the surrounds. I have yet to purchase my other interconnects. I was going to use two power conditioners on dedicated circuits for each, straight from the electrical panel, which is fortunately just outside my garage-turned entertainment room. I am considering the PS Audio P300 for the surrounds, and a P600 for all the components and ML's up front. Does anyone know what I can expect to gain from this, or am I better off with a couple Panamax PF40's or 60's and putting my saved cash elsewhere? Also, are the stock ML electrical cables fine if I DO go PS Audio's, or should I put some finesse there, too? Thanks for any suggestions, and Happy New Year!

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Re: Power regeneration for Martin Logans

I have very little experience with Home Theatre gear, but, I have heard Martin Logan speakers benefit from aftermarket cords; the bass firmed up and had a solidity that was lacking with the stock cords. It's worth doing (given the right cord.)

I don't think I recall a regeneration device being used for speakers, but, I suppose cleaner juice there couldn't hurt. You might just contact PS Audio and ask about the best implementation of their products:

My suspicion is that regeneration would be recommended for the sources and amps, and Ultimate Outlets or UPCs for the speakers.

I use a Power Director and Statement cords in my main rig, and an UO with my headphone setups. I can't recommend the PS Audio gear highly enough.

Keep us posted and welcome to the madness.

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Re: Power regeneration for Martin Logans

My suggestion would be to first have several dedicated/isolated, 20-amp lines (along with Hubbell "hospital-grade" outlets) installed in your listening space. Secondly, I would recommend Shunyata Research's (non-regenerative) Hydra power conditioners; as well as their Powersnake power cords, such as the Diamondback and Copperhead models.

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