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(Possibly Phillips) Pyramid Stereo Sound System?

Hello stereophile commuters,

This is my first post on here and I'd just like to first say Hello to everyone here. Well, my question is concerning this stereo system I saw not too long ago at a party. This stereo was literally in the form of a pyramid, or at least in the form of a triangle. The front casing was transparant, so you can see the cd spinning from within. It kind of looked like it was Phillips in origin, but I cannot be exactly sure. Has anyone seen one of these stereos? I would really like to know where I can purchase one. Thanks,


Kal Rubinson
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Re: (Possibly Phillips) Pyramid Stereo Sound System?

I saw something like that at a Philips trade-show a few months ago. Try cruising their website and see if you recognize it.


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Re: (Possibly Phillips) Pyramid Stereo Sound System?

PHILIPS Lighting lites the pyramids, and all that other stuff for tourists, and teh Eiffel tower....Ironic, something so ancient, gets lighting upgrades everyonce in a while with MODERN stuff, I think now they are going LED. Since Philips is also one of the pioneers and biggest in LED lighting stuff, and the world's biggest lighting company in everything else. Maybe that's where they got the idea over at CE from some lighting div dude, said, hey why not make a pyramid shaped thing, we light them up in Egypt.

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