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Possible: 2 Channel Audio from blu-ray HDMI?

This is a revision of my posting to Cables on 6.23.

I'm consider buying a SONY PS3/YDL--it's a SONY & Terrasoftsolutions collaboration whereby the PS3 runs Yellow Dog Linux. (see: YellowDog Linux homepage At $595, it's a fair deal: a fast linux workstation powered by IBM Cell, a blu-ray disc player, & game console. The default output is HDMI, which bundles audio and video output into a matching HDMI port on an HDTV. The benefit of HDMI is lost on me: what, we can't run two cables? This would be especially true if someone wants to use the blu-ray player for audio.

What would be the path to get an analogue signal out of blu-ray and into a stereo amplifier? The CSR at the SONYSTYLE store in Pentagon City, VA hadn't ever considered the issue, but he thought I should go HDMI into HDTV and then take the sound out from the HDTV. (What--through an earphone jack?)

On closer reading of PS3/YDL spec sheet, I see there is also a "Multi-AV" port. I'm not up on home theatre, so I don't even know if the signal is purely digital or if there is digital to analogue processing at the HDTV. Or what is the output of Multi-AV. I'm not finding any technical information at

Does anyone have experience with PS3 or any other HDMI hook-up? I'd appreciate any help or suggestions.

Many thanks,

Richard Moss

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