Polk Audio RTi A3 loudspeaker Review System

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Initially, I connected the RTi A3s to my NAD C316 BEE integrated amplifier ($380) using the Kimber 8VS speaker cable. Source components were my Rega P3-24 turntable ($1295, discontinued) and my NAD C515 BEE CD player ($300). When playing vinyl, I used the outstanding Parasound Zphono•USB phono preamplifier ($349). All interconnects were Kimber's PBJ.

I spent some time experimenting with speaker placement, but found that the Polks performed best when placed exactly where the PSBs had been: about 8' from my listening position, 30" from the sidewalls, and 42" from the front wall. I began with the speakers' grilles removed simply because I wanted to expose their pretty baffles.—Stephen Mejias

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Is there anyway to fix the lively cabinet issue? Fiberglass stuffing? Add some cross bracing?

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I am using a Marantz AR6007 with

RTiA3's Front Bi-Amped

RTiA1 Surrounds

PSW125 Sub

Can you reccomend crossover settings?


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I have the Polk Audio RTI A3s, their small RTI A5 towers and the matching CSI A6 center. Silly me! I did not know I needed $300 cables from Audioquest before the A3s would sound good. I've hooked these speakers up to 16 AWG copper clad aluminum and 14AWG pure copper speaker wires and these speakers sound great, both with the cheaper and the more expensive and thicker pure copper wires. Me thinks the reviewer is trying to sell expensive speaker wire. Believe it or not, Polk Audio designs its speakers to be used by average listeners with average systems and mundane, inexpensive speaker wire and still to sound FANTASTIC. I trust my ears, and I'm not sure if the reviewer has an ethical conflict of interest, or what else might be going on, but I distrust and am skeptical of this review.