Poem: Stereophile Cuts an LP The Music

Sidebar: The Music

Poem: Works for Flute and Piano by Griffes, Reinecke, Prokofiev, and Schumann (AAD) STPH001-1(LP), STPH001-2 (CD)
Gary Woodward, flute—Brooks Smith, piano

[1] Griffes: Poem 9:01 (LP, Side One)

Reinecke: Sonata in E ("Undine"), Op.167 19:51 (LP, Side One)
[2] Allegro 6:44
[3]Allegretto vivace 3:36
[4] Andante tranquillo 3:14
[5] Allegro molto agitato 6:04

Prokofiev: Sonata in D for flute & piano, Op.94 23:46 (LP, Side Two)
[6] Moderato 7:55
[7] Presto 5:13
[8] Andante 3:27
[9] Allegro con brio 6:59

Schumann: Three Romances, Op.94 10:55 (CD only)
[10] Op.94 No.1 3:04
[11] Op.94 No.2 3:42
[12] Op.94 No.3 4:09

Recorded at the Allan Hancock Foundation Auditorium, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, June 6, 7, & 12, 1989

Recordist: Kavichandran Alexander (Water Lily Acoustics)
Executive Producer: Larry Archibald
Producer: John Atkinson
Assistant Producer: Richard Lehnert
Editor: Hugh Davies
LP mastering engineers: John Dent, Tim de Paravicini
Digital transfer engineers: Bob Katz & Robert Harley
CD Mastering: Digital Brothers, Costa Mesa, CA
Booklet notes: John Atkinson & Richard Lehnert
Music notes: Denis Stevens
Photographs: John Atkinson
Music page turning: Heather Lockwood & Gabriel Arregui
Cover design: Michael Motley
CD Booklet & LP Sleeve production: Rebecca Willard

Cover painting: First Variation on a Theme by Vermeer, by Eugene Newmann (from the collection of Doug and Martha Keats, Santa Fe, New Mexico)

Equipment used: Piano: Steinway "D," EAR "The Mic" tube figure-eight mics (Griffes, Prokofiev, and Schumann) and Milab LC25 solid-state, transformerless cardioid mics (Reinecke); EAR 824M stereo tube microphone preamplifier feeding directly into an Ampex MR70 tube tape recorder (the "Jack Mullin Special"), with 1/2" Ampex 456 tape running at 15ips without noise reduction; Cardas Audio and AudioQuest Lapis interconnect; Sennheiser HD420SL, Stax SR-X, and Stax SR-Lambda Professional headphones. Transferred to digital using the Chesky/CTI 128x-oversampling A/D converter.

Produced by Stereophile magazine in association with Water Lily Acoustics