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Please help pick speakers for technics su-g700e amp

So I have been wanting to get myself a stereo system for a while (been listing to music out of a laptop casting to a single Yamaha HS7 until now). And I went a little nuts and bought myself a Technics su-g700e integrated amplifier for just under £1,000. It was an impulse buy and I know realize way above what I would ever need. But what is done is done (at least I am future proofed), and I need to find myself a pair of passive speakers to match up to them.

I was thinking something in the £500 range, and with a classic or look. I did a bit of research and so far narrowed it down to two or three options: \
(1) Triangle Borea BR03 (£399)
(2) B&W 607 (£399)
(3) B&W 606 (£549)

The speakers are going to be placed fairly close to the wall and I prefer that they were on the smaller side.

Grateful for any thoughts you may have on the suitability of the above, which you would pick, and if you have any other recommendations that fit the size, budget, look requirement.

Really appreciate any help anyone could provide.


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I recommend the Monitor Audio Bronze 2.

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