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Please help!

I am setting up my first (non-HTIB) surround system and I really want it to be sweet! Here is what I have so far, I need some suggestions on getting surround speakers, a center channel and sub. I already have a Yamaha HTR-5990 receiver, and 2 JBL E-90's. I know its not a dream system, but I think it could sounds pretty good!

I am just not sure how important matching surround speakers to front speakers really is. any help / suggestions would be great, but I am not looking to spen 10k on this setup. I am looking for a good setup fora decent price.


JoeE SP9
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Re: Please help!

Timbre matching of speakers especially the center and fronts is extremely important for good sound. You would be helping the situation by using speakers from the same manufacturer. They would all tend to have the same type of sound.

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