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Playback Designs MPS-5 Review

Many of you know that I've owned the MPS-5 since the spring of 2008. I was surprised to see it in Stereophile, because I didn't think that there were enough dealers to qualify for Stereophile's arbitrary standard. I posted my own little review in the forums at the time.

Anyway, MF's experience coincided pretty much with mine, particularly the improvement over time. It's absolutely stunning with SACDs and high rez PCM. In my experience, it makes RBCDs sound as good as they can, given their limitations.

I was intrigued by JA's testing not correlating at all with what MF and others have heard. Playback Design's answer about the lack of testing in the time domain, using actual musical signals rather than sine waves, reminded me of the Nordost presentation at RMAF. I'm amazed at how similar the explanation being developed to explain perceived difference caused by things like power cables, speaker wire, etc. Hopefully Nordost will be successful in its effort to document such things in a verifiable, repeatable way.


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Re: Playback Designs MPS-5 Review

Most curious as to what JA's response would be after a listen.

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