Playback and performance at MBL

MBL finished the job that Oracle Audio began with Anne Bisson (below): They spoiled me not only with live music, but with music by a world-class cellist, Montreal's Vincent Bélanger. Jeremy Bryan, the CEO of MBL North America, took the added step of inviting Bélanger to come by early and record, on ¼" analog tape (15 ips), extra cello parts for various pieces in his repertoire; thus when M. Bélanger set about to perform for a handful of fortunate show attendees, he did so alongside his recorded self, the latter portrayed with what can only be described as surprising realism—dynamically, timbrally, and spatially—by MBL's largest hybrid loudspeaker, the MBL 111 ($42,000/pair), which uses, from 600Hz and up, the same driver complement as even their most expensive loudspeakers.

Among the selections played by Vincent Bélanger were a piece by Telemann ("A German composer played on a German cello, alongside German technology," the cellist observed), and a beautiful melody I hadn't heard in ages, the theme from Ennio Morricone's soundtrack for the classic film Cinema Paradiso. (Another Morricone piece—the theme from Once Upon a Time in the West—was recorded by Bélanger for his album on Fidelio Records.) MBL North America is to be congratulated, for their courage in demonstrating alongside a real musician, and for their generosity in bringing M. Bélanger to SSI.

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Jeremy Bryan, CEO of MBL North America, is a regular maestro at getting the best sound out of his exquisite MBL product line up. Every time I hear his music selections - that's what I hear, music - just awesome, truly three dimensional full range music. I know of no other company that comes close to the holistic performance that MBL musters at every show I have heard them.

All those in attendance when M. Bélanger performed were treated to something truly special. MBLs 111F four-way system gets all the dynamics and intricacies of the performance just right - spot on if you will. A wonderful performance brought to listeners through a truly world class system and company. Simply Marvellous!