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Piotr Anderszewski Plays Szymanowski

I had a feeling Anderszewski would be remarkable in this repertoire. I was right. Since ordering this, I relistened to the two Martins in this repertoire to prepare myself. As expected, I prefer Mr Roscoe to Mr Jones, though I find both very good. Both play with passion, technical assurance, and enough exoticism to make the pieces come to life. Piotr Anderszewski is in another league altogether. To an extent, Anderszewski does for these works what Jerzy Semkow does for the great Song of the Night: he plays the music so that it is Szymanowski we hear. With the two Martins we hear a mix of influences, here late Scriabin and late Debussy. With Anderszewski those influences are still heard, but more distantly.

The disc opens with the great Masques. Here is a work all about eroticism and exoticism, color and shading, languor and power. How to blend them, that is the trick. All three of the pieces are based on well known legends

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