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Pioneer VSX-80 Preamp Out weak signal?

I recently acquired a VSX-80 primarily to connect my Denon POA2400 amp inline using the VSX-80 L/R preamp out ports to Polk SDA 1Cs. The preamp outs are passing signal to the Denon but I really need to crank the volume knob to -20dB or more to make the Polk speaker sing.

I did factory resetting VSX-80 did nothing. Checking the channel level the L/R is 0.0dB. I need to push the channel level to about +3.5dB before the Polks come to life without having to crank the VSX-80 master volume.

As a reference point, I had a very old Yamaha 90W/ch 7.1 integrated receiver direct to the Polks at half volume the Polks are singing strong.

If I reinstall my old Denon poa2500 intergrated 2ch preamp to the Denon poa2400 the Polks sing at half volume even stronger.

Just wondering why the VSX-80 preamp out to Denon poa2500 is comparatively weak in driving the SDA 1Cs.

Am I overlooking something on the VSX-80, or do I just need to bias the channel leveling and live with it.

Should add that I have tried different quality RCA cables (audioquest/monster cable) between preamp out ports and Denon input ports with no change. Also, the Denon amp trim knobs are each set to maximum output.

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