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Pioneer VSX-1015 vs Denon AVR-3805
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If you place audio reproduction high on your list of desires for a home theater system then I think both would fall short of meeting that goal. However, most people who have never heard a true high-end system (high-end meaning audio quality, not high price) really don't know how to compare products to sonically superior products.

I would only (respectfully) suggest that you crack open your phone book and look under the yellow pages for "stereo" and visit the dealer with products that have names you may have never heard of. It could be Bryston, Rotel, NAD, Paradigm, Cary, PSB, Vandersteen, Thiel, Arcam, or a host of other names that never show up in the "Big Box" retailer stores.

I'm not dumping on Pioneer or Denon, I'm merely suggesting that you find out if the difference in sound is something that you find important.

I suspect that you can do a lot better for the same money by checking out NAD or Rotel AV gear.

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