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Pioneer Sx-1050 & Paradigm Studio 100 V2 Tower Speakers

What is the opinion of running Paradigm Studio V2 Tower speakers on a vintage Pioneer SX-1050 receiver? The Paradigms are power hungry, so will the Pioneer be enough? The Paradigms are touted as a great speaker for digital amplifiers. (Or am I barking up the wrong tree and should upgrade vintage gear to newer technology.) I currently run Pioneer HP-100 and wonder if the Paradigm will be an improved sound. I cannot compare, because the Paradigms are for sale and I can't decide to purchase without hearing some opinions.

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Nice vintage equipment!

I wouldn't call those Paradigm or Paradigm speakers, in general, power hungry. For an 8-ohm nominal load speaker with a 91dB sensitivity, I would think they would be very easy to drive with the 120 WATTS into 8 ohms that Pioneer receiver can bring to the table. As for improved sound over the Pioneer HPM-100, this is a question only you and your ears can answer. All I can say is that I was extremely happy with a pair of original Paradigm Monitor 9 for approximately 17 years, or so. They were the envy of all of my audiophile friends for quite some time, even those who owned speakers twice their cost.

Good Luck!

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