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Piano, hifi & Pictures at an exhibition


I saw Vladismir Feltsman play solo piano version of Schumann and Pictures, this occured at the Martin Theatre, Ravinia Chicago.

The Schumann was first, music was OK but i have to be honest the sound was uselss, i was sat in Row B but it was to low and it was like i was hearing a distant sound.

Well at the intermission i moved to a higher seat, the second peice was Pictures, as the regulars know this is easily my favourite peice. Well i have been very vocal about how hifi sucks and live is the only way to go, i dont know how to put this without sounding like an asshole but my hifi at home playing the Horowitz version of Pictures absolutely blew Feltsman away. I felt no emotion or connection whatsoever. The music was cold and unemotional. wether this was a function of his playing or the acoustics of the hall i dont know but either way it was a major disappointment. It was not helped be coming off the Beethoven flight with Haitink who seems to have fantastic connection with the music


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Re: Piano, hifi & Pictures at an exhibition

I read a book from a famous piano tuner for concert artists who when he played with one conductor liked his piano tuned to A-442 or slightly more, rather than A-440 as he wanted to be "on top of" the orchestra. Often the conductor was furious, but it went on more than once the story goes.

I am not sure of the pianist's point of this, accept that instruments out of tune are very irritating to me and the conductor's position directly near the piano and orchestra was probably equally so. Maybe it was just to irritate the conductor.

I think I might have found another way. Maybe a hot foot, or some other prank, but not in piano tuning.

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