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Phono stage for Linn Majik LP12

Hi - I have setup my new Linn Majik LP12 through my Arcam rphono, (Chord c-line interconnect) to my Arcam fmj A39 which does sound good. However, when I bypass the rphono and use the Amp phono stage, its hard to notice any difference, or I could argue the mid stage actually sounds better through the Amp directly.
I just wonder if I am missing something with the rphono, or restricting its performance with the interconnects, or maybe the setting are incorrect (currently at 220pf Cap Load and 40db gain).
any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Congratulations on your LP12,

Congratulations on your LP12, A great turntable with great long termed upgradability. Personally, my experience has been that the phonostage are VERY important in audio chain, and I had to spend a lot more than seemed reasonable to get something that really sounded different... better.

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