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What if the PHAKE SOUNDS better than the original? Now wouldn't THAT be something? And it's more FLEXIBLE...hmmmm, might be more practical? About the original UL listed, ETL any testing certs? Funny, how the wire world, now has snakers snaking the snakers.......I'm sure the original is a fine product, just like all the others are, well enginenered, thorougly tested to industry standards, and a proven engineering project. What's the voltage this month, AQ has none in that nice full page slcik glossy ad in AS this month. Big white new shape connector, I'm sure it has magic stuff residing inside the thing. One ad evn uses the word MAGIC in it's product in the same Absolute Sound issue, Harmonix something or other. Nice 2 page color ad, must cost a fortune...There are more wire ads in these mags than real equipment, could the profit margin be high on $3,000 pieces of "magic" wire...Wall Street Journal many years ago, discussed one of the originals Monster.......I only wished I created magic wire ideas......and Voltage of teh month.

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