A Personal PAF Postscript

So, just how hot was it? Residents of Florida, Texas, and other southern states may laugh, but the greater Seattle Area is ill-equipped to cope with temperatures that topped out at 96°. Nor could the poor Doubletree Hilton at SEATAC's air conditioning keep upper-floor hallways cool; those with glass-faced enclosures facing the sun reached fry-me-an-egg levels. At some hours of the day, the temperature in the elevator was ridiculous.

By show's close, Nelvin, a mouse-like finger puppet who has served as my synthetic spirit animal for over a decade, could no longer maintain lookout over the rearview mirror of my '94 Toyota Corolla. After three days of singeing his whiskers off in an uncovered parking lot, Nelvin was so desperate that he made a nose-dive for my drinking water cup. The poor creature barely survived.

Thankfully, with the help of my car's antiquated air conditioning system, I had cooled off just enough to exhale oxygen rather than fire. Applying artificial resuscitation—I moved as fast as I shift to the "mute" button when near-deafening high-pitched squeals, caused by mousy electronics, threaten to burn up my tweeters—Nelvin came back to life. As I approached the ferry back to the Olympic Peninsula and Port Townsend, he returned to his rightful position beside the wise Owl who knows far more than you or I. He may have needed a little fluffing up—for this we married a hair stylist—but his spirit remains as strong as ever.

We were the last car onto the Bainbridge Island Ferry before they pulled up the plank. Please enjoy our view as we bid Seattle goodbye and marveled once again at the beauties of Mt. Rainier.

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I hope they do it again next year.

Thanks for the coverage!

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Thanks for all your hard work, Jason. Great job.

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If either you or Jason get assigned the task of covering a show, I know it will be fun! Kudos to you both!

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Thank you!

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You RULE! I can only say I am crestfallen that I didn't get a chance to meet you and see your room for some relaxation and fine talk. Stay well man!

I really would've loved PAF and I must make calendar reminders for next year!

Excellent show coverage as well! Thanks.

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I really appreciate the positive feedback.

Next Serinus show: Poland. By the end of November, reviews of operas in Seattle and SF, symphonic premiere in Seattle, and Whidbey Island Chamber Music Festival review. Oh, and some beyond thrilling equipment to review. And a trip to NYC that will include opening night of Otello in Philadelphia, again for review. More to come...

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I appreciated all the Seattle coverage, and the sweltering heat sounds brutal. Looking forward to the Poland post and the other items.

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Oh my, poor Nelvin!! I'm happy to hear he has recovered!!

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Great work, Jason! Well articulated, relatable, entertaining!

I spent nearly two years in downtown Seattle for a job. Floor to ceiling windows, with an unobstructed view of the top half of the needle. Superb, truly, except for our nearest star making a daily appearance during summer months. ;)

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Nice work on your coverage—I still have more to read yet but have enjoyed it so far. And I certainly understand how much work it takes!