Perla Audio Envelops

Manufactured in Sparks, NV by two families who "all have an insanity for music" and sold direct, two-year old Perla Audio's complete system was set up for extreme nearfield listening. Having entered to the assurance, "You're gonna love this," I made my way to the front, favored-by-Perla seat to hear the Perla Signature 50 integrated amplifier ($9000), PRS-2B ($8800/presumably for the pair) and PRS-2 ($7800/pair?) loudspeakers on $2250/pair stands, and Perla SB-400 subs. Connected by Perla's KESH Reference cable (series 1), the system at very close range sounded like a good hi-fi with nice air and depth. When I moved back a seat, the sound was less assaultive, but seemed somewhat gimmicky.