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Pebbles in glass jars et al

Machina dynamica is once again setting the standard of snake-oil tweaks to a new low:
If they are that concerned about the magnetic influence of a wall plate, then shouldn't the screw to hold the plate onto the fixture be made of nylon? I'm surprised they're not making them out of carbon fiber and charging $75.00/plate.

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Re: Pebbles in glass jars et al

I know there is a sucker born every minute and all, but I can't help thinking that they are shill bidding some of these auctions to give the appearance of interest in the product.

Jeff Wong
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Re: Pebbles in glass jars et al

I think the people at Machina Dynamica are pretty funny. It seems clear to me that it's all a joke and that they must yuck it up when people buy their stuff.

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Re: Pebbles in glass jars et al

I think they will have to go a long way to equal the "magic clock" that some people were actually taking seriously 10 or 15 years ago that was supposed to make your system sound better.

That still makes me laugh so hard I feel pain. That had to be snake oil cubed; the ultimate bare-faced scam.

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Re: Pebbles in glass jars et al

By the way did you check out the link that NFS Audio put in the first post? Here's a link directly to the Macina Dynamica web site:

Snake Oil

Machina dynamica has their own updated version of the "magic clock" plus all kinds of other unique ways to separate you from your money. Enjoy.

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