Payday Albums: 3/15/13

Today’s payday. These are the albums I bought.

Aaron Moore & Thierry Muller: Today is Yesterday’s Tomorrow (LP, Three:Four)

Annelies Monsere & Richard Youngs: Three:Four Split Series, Vol.3 (10” LP, Three:Four)

Ruth, featuring Mushy: Far from Paradise (LP, Three:Four)

PVT: Homosapien (LP, Felte)

Various Artists: Your Victorian Breasts (LP, Three:Four)

Twigs & Yarn: The Language of Flowers (LP, Flau)

Autre Ne Veut: Anxiety (LP, Software)

I purchased all of these records at the new and improved, a distribution company and record label based in Ravenna, Ohio.

While some of these titles are newer than others, they’re all new to me; and, with the exception perhaps of Anxiety, I had no intention of buying any of them. In fact, I didn’t know they existed. It was by chance that I stopped by—several months had passed since my last visit—and discovered that Jeremy Bible, its founder, had recently redesigned the site.

He did a damn good job. As I clicked on images, listened to samples, read reviews, and followed recommendations, I found myself wanting to buy everything. It took a great deal of restraint to limit myself to these seven titles. And now I find myself stopping by regularly: Even if I’m not planning to purchase anything, I discover something new—bands, artists, and labels from all over the world, about which I’d previously known nothing.

The shopping experience was a joy—as close as it gets to actually browsing the racks and chatting with people in a bricks-and-mortar record shop—and the entire transaction was smooth and painless. After my purchase, I received the following message from Experimedia:

Your order has shipped via US Postal Service. Thank you. We appreciate your support beyond words. As an independent, family-run labor of love you are absolutely essential to what we do. Any comments, questions or concerns please feel free to contact us. We would be more than happy to hear from you.

And I appreciate that. I'm a happy customer, looking forward to my next visit.

mike a's picture

Stephen, I like this posting but could you maybe help a bit. Could you categorize the albums, like rock, blues, americana, ambient, etc? Then could you give a comment on why you liked the album.

BTW, how do you preview before you buy and what sites do you use?

Et Quelle's picture

This music is really weird. It is kind of like what you hear in a LV nightclub after 2AM. I appreciate the vibe you set in my apt. tonight. It is like U2 after 4 bottles of Cabernet! Kudos to the lisst

Stephen Mejias's picture

It is like U2 after 4 bottles of Cabernet!

Ha! Nice description. Thanks for reading, and thanks for listening. I'm glad you found something in the music to enjoy.

R Browne's picture great! I've been ordering from them since 2009. Great selection and service. Like yourself, another happy customer.

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excellent descriptions on a retail site that actually capture the vibe, content and texture of the music! Excellent site, great reccomendation. Thanks!