Pawel/Ensemble PA-1 & Reference loudspeakers Specifications

Sidebar 3: Specifications

Description: Two-way stand-mounted loudspeaker with passive radiator. Free-field frequency response: (pink-noise on axis at 1 meter), PA-1: 60Hz–20kHz, ±2.5dB; Reference: 60Hz–20kHz, ±2dB. Sensitivity: PA-1: 89dB/1m/1W, Reference: 90dB/1m/1W. Recommended amplifier power: 35Wpc minimum, 80Wpc maximum. Impedance: PA-1: 6 ohms nominal; Reference: 4 ohms nominal. Maximum spl (per pair at 2m): PA-1: 104dBA; Reference: 105dBA. Harmonic distortion (at 90dB spl, 150Hz–16kHz): PA-1: 2nd harmonic, 3% max; 3rd harmonic, 2% max); Reference: 2nd harmonic, 2% max; 3rd harmonic, 1% max.
Dimensions: 13.8" (350mm) H by 9" (230mm) W by 8.25" (210mm) D, tapering to 5.9" (150mm) D at the top. Weights: PA-1: 15 lbs each; Reference: 16.5 lbs each.
Prices: PA-1: $2640/pair; Reference: $4390/pair. Approximate number of dealers: 4.
Manufacturer: Pawel Acoustics, Schalkhausenstrasse 18, 9533 Kirchberg SG, Switzerland. Tel: (0041) (0)71 931 66 80. Fax: (0041) (0)71 931 66 81. Web: Worldwide distributor: Ensemble AG SA, Ltd., Muttenz, Switzerland (1990). US Distributor: Graham Engineering, Burlington, MA 01803 (1990). No US distribution (2012).

Pawel Acoustics
No US distribution (2012)