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Pardon me, this may technically be "fusion," but...


I have to work at the computer sometimes and I like to use my time imprisoned in front of the monitor to spin one disc for several hours to let it seep into my brain and see how my view of it changes.

So, I been spinning Hugh Masakela's "Hope" for a couple days straight and I really like it.

I'd call it something more like South African Fusion that straight jazz, but it's got some good stuff.

If you give it a listen, I finally found a disc where if I say, "lilting melodies," it would seem an acceptable use of the term.

The recording is slightly compressed, but quite "fluid."

You can hear all around the sound stage, it's got good clarity (as opposed to veiled), and has nice "layers."

Then again, I'm listening very nearfield, but it holds up on the living room system, too.

On some tunes, the electric guitar is tuned much like Hugh's trumpet and they intertwine well.

You can look it over at


Also, there's a group of really cool guys from Chicago who use one of the cuts from this disc for demos, so I need to add a disclaimer that this disc also reminds me of some people I like.

And! The Triloka label associates with the Razor and Tie label, so ya gotta love 'em, just for that!

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Re: Pardon me, this may technically be "fusion," but...


Most excellent ramble. Love that riffing.

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